Kickstart Scheme - An Employer's POV

The Kickstart scheme was a waste of time - stop hiring young, inexperienced, inept candidates.

Is something I'll never say with conviction

As you probably know the UK government has recently brought the Kickstart scheme to a close. Thousands of young, hungry professionals have benefited hugely from this scheme, and are on their way to achieve their dreams.

Today, I’m going to consider the benefits of the scheme from an employer’s POV.

This scheme was music to the ears of small business owners - at a time when many of us were feeling the pinch and felt unable to hire experienced candidates, we were given a unique opportunity to foster eager, young talent. On the other hand, some would have been hit with the harsh reality that they should have hired top-dog candidates. 

Have I had a negative experience? Absolutely not

The vast majority of the Sphere Business Services family came to us through Kickstart, and I cannot commend them enough on their desire, creativity, ability, and eagerness to improve every day. I’ll also admit that they’re teaching me things; the fresh blood brings innovative ideas to the table.

Prior to the scheme, I was running the marketing department for Sphere, with some help - albeit, not enough, as the lockdown prevented me from knocking on high-street doors and acquiring new clients. Subsequently, we were left financially unable to take on a full team - hence the reason I've always joked that this scheme was made for me.

The company has grown substantially due to the scheme Now I can sit here - happy - knowing we can afford to hire our staff permanently.

One of my primary aims now is to train my staff to have the unassailable mentality and skill set it takes to make it as a true professional. I’ve got no doubt in my mind that my “kids” (as I so often call them) will achieve this and go on to do great things in the future, at Sphere, or elsewhere - hopefully the former!

I deliberated whether to rabbit on about why the scheme shouldn’t have ended, but I decided to reflect on what I and my staff have gained, rather than dwell on what else could have been - I have gained everything I could have wished for, and I hope they have too!

I’m excited to continue this learning journey with the team I wouldn’t have acquired without Kickstart. 


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